A little bit of physics

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A little bit of physics

Something to read for those curious about the current state of research into supersymmetry.



Theoretical work in physics – however beautiful or compelling it may be – is never accepted as fact until it makes predictions that are confirmed through experiment. Supersymmetry's predictions are its hypothetical particles, and, even after the Large Hadron Collider at Cern has been in operation for almost five years, none of these has been found.

It could be that the supersymmetric particles are more massive than anyone thought, so particle collisions in the LHC have not yet reached high enough energies to create them. Or, as many physicists are now beginning to think, it could be that the venerable theory is wrong, and we do not, after all, live in a supersymmetric universe.


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I've never liked

I've never liked supersymmetry, and it's abandonment allows for some very interesting times in physics, so I am looking forward to seeing what the LHC finds when it resumes operations.

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