Ohio Judge rules that state must recognize same sex marriage

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Ohio Judge rules that state must recognize same sex marriage


A federal judge in Ohio ruled that local officials must recognize a gay marriage performed in Maryland. The Judge ruled under the Equal Protection clause that since as a rule the state recognizes marriages performed in other states that would be illegal within the state (such as first cousins) that it could not discriminate based on sexual orientation. This will be an interesting legal argument that is no doubt going to make it to the Supreme Court in the not so distant future. Legally, I think both sides have persuasive arguments and if I were a judge I really don't know how I would rule. I suspect in the long run gay marriage will gain recognition in all 50 states and I would prefer that happen legislatively rather than through judicial edict. 


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In a perfect world...

But like interracial marriage, in our not so perfect world, some states will have to be forced to allow gay marriage.

And it isn't likely to be voted for in Congress at the moment as there are too many wack jobs holding office.


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