Vet arrested for following Biden's advice

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Vet arrested for following Biden's advice 

A little while ago I made a post about Biden's advice for home protection that his wife grab the shotgun and fire two shots into the air if someone was trying to break into the house. Well recently a vet took that advice and has been arrested for it. A thug was attempting to break into his back door, the vet grabbed his trusty AR-15 (that eeeeeevil "assault rifle&quotEye-wink and verbally warned the thug that he was armed. When the thug continued trying to break in the vet fired a single shot into the ground (which if you are going to discharge a firearm without the intent to kill someone is the safest direction to discharge, firing into the air as Biden suggested significantly increases the risk of accidental injury). The thug ran away and ran straight into a police officer making for an easy arrest.

Despite making the arrest safe and easy for the police officers, the vet was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon and reckless endangering. The sad thing is that as fucked up as our gun laws are, you are less likely to face charges shooting the robber in the head and killing them than firing a warning shot. Oregon law follows the Castle Doctrine, which means lethal force is legal in defense of ones home even if the intruder is unarmed. Yet, because the vet did not think that lethal force was necessary, he choose to end the situation in a non-lethal way. The result is that because he took steps to avoid the necessity of killing a person, the vet is a criminal. How fucked up is that? 

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Beyond Saving


              Very.   It's no wonder that so many people are suspicious of the police.  "To Protect And Serve"

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wow.  and to think my

wow.  and to think my grandfather's generation's idea of a 4th of july celebration was firing off a 20-gauge into the air.

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Under the circumstances, I

Under the circumstances, I think that Biden should be charged for giving advice contradicting law, en masse, publically. And the charges on this guy should be reduced to reflect the fact he was following advice given him by a high ranking member of the government.

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