A Bit of Advice?

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A Bit of Advice?

 *NB* Wasn't sure to put this here or in the New/Activism


So today during my history class, I found my self in a conversation where I was explaining the "Big-Bang" Theory, where it got its name, how the Earth was made, how life appeared on Earth, and how humans and religion came around. Then I began to (civilly) get them to question their faith, one held steadfast, though he seemed willing to listen to reason so long as I had evidence in my hands. So I intended on writing down some things from the skeptic's annotated bible. (Failed Prophecies and contradictions) and the verses 17-18 from chapter 31 of Numbers.


Can anyone else think of anything else that would be helpful to bring along? I have two potential rationalists at hand depending on the outcome of tomorrow's discussion. 

(Lol for some reason I felt a bit like an evangelist when I wrote that) 


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Some simple chemistry

Some simple chemistry experiments can work wonders if delivered properly, but it'll probably be hard to do that in history class.
#1 tool: computer with internet access. You have that you can answer pretty much any and every argument that they can come up with.

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Another bit of advice. Never

Another bit of advice. Never fear being stumped by a theist's argument. Some are very elaborate but simply treat it like Dungeons and Dragons. Ultimately before they even get to one word of their respective holy books, they still have no evidence what so ever that a cognition can occur outside of an evolutionary process.


Steven Hawkins rightfully says "A God is not required".


I see "all this" meaning evolution and the universe as nothing more than a giant weather pattern both including chaos and order not needing a magic man to happen.


If they can accept that the tides go in and out without the help of Posiden then they should be wise enough to accept that nothing about the nature of reality needs an ancient myth to explain.

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