Obama And Islam

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Obama And Islam

Has anybody read this book by Robert Spencer? Can I get a summary of his major claims. I can't seem to find a balanced review online


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Not read it


There are things Robert Spencer says I think are correct and others that seem well over the top. The left generally loathes him and accuses him of islamophobia. 

Chances of a balanced review are probably remote. Does Obama have a soft spot for Islam? His early Cairo speech says yes. Is he a muslim? Almost certainly not. 

There's plenty of chance Obama has a bit of Chomsky-ite anti-American imperialism going on inside him. But many American liberals do, so no surprises there. 

As for deserting Israel, he's not done that, either. Think he's doing a log balancing act with the usual human biases. Not sure if Spencer draws this conclusion.

It would be interesting to really know Obama's mind on it. He has no trouble tapping extremists by remote control. I think it's complicated for him. 


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