The Barmaid Said

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Saw humorous Twitter statement, then noticed the Banner

 Amusing, unrelated. People who may be burning the candle at both ends alittle can appreciate the following, as well:

   Contained in a photograph (viewable) of a Banner in the background of a controversial televangelist, its' words, it read

If you are up to nothing . .  God is up to something.

(I'd imagine,  it writes itself ..)

A plus, from the slogan ad, is a secretly working behind the scene(s) in hitherto mysterious and organized efforts. According to the banner, apparently you did not have to do a thing. Smiling

Keyword :: Melodramatic (well controversial Televangelist); Bible Themed (sort of,); Biblical Spectacle (sort of,); Humor; funny ad, etc.


p.s. -- "Be still and k-n-o-w I am God".

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 Lol, sounds like my kind

 Lol, sounds like my kind of barmaid.