Belief in a vengful god? You're a loony

Abu Lahab
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Belief in a vengful god? You're a loony

Belief in Angry God Associated with Poor Mental Health


If God exists, is he (or she, or whatever) inherently benevolent or punitive? The two Bible selections above clearly demonstrate that God can be both, but many believers cordon their perception of the Almighty into a singular view. This fundamental categorization may be more influential than one might think, as recently published research demonstrates that how a believer conceives of God could affect his or her mental health.

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Abu Lahab wrote:Belief in

I read that yesterday, and it does not surprise me. If nothing else, you're adding one more thing to worry about in your life.

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Ditto to RobbyPants




                      Yet remember Abu Lahab, in spite of what you psychiatrist says;  YoU  R perFECtlY  NORr MalE,  it"S tHe ReeeSt OV  the Vereld That ISH K-nuTZ.  Honest.  Maybe noTZ.




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To parody the Ace Ventura

To parody the Ace Ventura movie.

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