6 years

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6 years

Checked my profile and noticed I've been here for six whole years.



ask me anything




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Cpt_pineapple wrote:
This is why I avoided the atheist movement since I became atheists. It's also the reason I avoided religious groups when I was religious…..When people get together thinking they have all the answers, shit like this is pretty much inevitable. 

Thanks for your comments.  The one above’s your take on the elevatorgate kerfuffle and I agree with you.  An individual isn’t infallible but they are accountable.


Oh, but Peggotty, you haven't given Mr. Barkis his proper answer, you know.
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It's certainly been

It's certainly been interesting. You've changed a fair bit from when you first posted here.
Grats on 6!

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I haven't changed my

I haven't changed my underwear in 6 years, but that is still faster than it takes for theism to catch up with modern times.

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Beyond Saving
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 Six years! I hope I

 Six years! I hope I survive that long. 

Jean Chauvin
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I Have A Question

Hello Opie,

Do you put up fake avatars of people because you feel that you are ugly? An implication could be made that the atheism you hold on to like a child his security blanket, is the very thing causing your insecurity in the first place since atheism has no rational understanding of beauty and defaults in darkness and complete ugliness.

Also, are you simply atheistic so as to excuse your promiscuity? No accountability means Bono at a rock concert.


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Jean Chauvin (Jude 3).

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Jean Chauvin wrote: Do you

Jean Chauvin wrote:


Do you put up fake avatars of people because you feel that you are ugly?

do you put up avatars of monks up against a wall, waiting to be butt-fucked, because you're actually a faggot?

that's a rhetorical question.  i know you're a faggot.

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