Trayvon's death/Anniversery

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Trayvon's death/Anniversery

I am one of those millions of people who signed the petition to have Trayvon's killer arrested. I believe that his death was needless and a completely unjustified action; it could have been avoided.

This article brings up a good point though. Why all this attention over the death of young man while dozens of black babies, young boys and men are being murdered/killed by the dozen each month. There is no public outcry for a two year old baby killed on the front porch from a stray bullet. Why?

If an extremely large number of blacks are being killed by blacks, then why no public outrage? Why aren't the black leaders, politicians or the media speaking out against this issue?

After my review of the issue I believe that there are a few rotten apples which spoil the rest of the community. You have blacks living with blacks who allow gang related activity to happen within their community. You have blacks fighting blacks over gang territory, money and drugs. Random shootings and crimes are usually drug related and since gangs are highly involved with drugs the killings happen within their community. The crimes are happening in black communities where the drugs are being dealt. Where the drug users, dealers and bosses live.

This isn't an issue of education or racism. This is an issue of a few terrible black people who live in black communities causing death and destruction of their own people for greed.



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I think there is, it is just

I think there is, it is just that it is happening at such a big rate 30,000 a year that media isn't keeping up with all of them.

I think Newtown has changed things. But believe me, those parents and there supporters and gun safety advocates are doing their damnedest to change things like this.

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