Sex: 6 Minutes and 21 calories

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Sex: 6 Minutes and 21 calories

This is a misconception which even the new study got wrong. They fail to focus on that "sex" is a relative term and any foreplay should be considered rather than focusing on only the intercourse.

When I was much younger and watching the typical porn movies, I always thought that "there is sex" for what it was, but my first sexual partner taught me different and maybe this is an exception.

She taught me what she called "marathon sex" where we would have sex literally all day long. There was a ton of foreplay with intercourse in-between; which made the orgasms much more intense.

I learned yoga for the first time two and she used kama sutra in everything we did together.

In the two years we were together I lost only 20lbs, but I remember loosing a large percentage of my body fat over all. My stamina was as good as it ever was and I never felt better.


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 6 minutes? Yeah, she is

 6 minutes? Yeah, she is definitely going to cheat at the first opportunity. I wonder what their methodology was? Someone standing there with a stop watch? Self reporting? 

They must have been counting only intercourse, but still- switch positions and drag it out longer... I've heard horror stories of married guys getting missionary once a week for a few minutes, I always thought they were joking. And I have heard stories from some of the women I've been with of guys popping off right away, I assume because they haven't been laid is ages and a few of those guys could really mess up the average on the study. Oh well, sucks to be them.  

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