Hullo :)

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Hullo :)


I'm a fairly active member on the and .org site, and have recently been exploring the other forums (have obviously heard of this before Smiling ). So just thought I'd make an account for lurking and what not.

Bit of background:

From UK, have been an atheist pretty much as long as I can remember. Doing a PhD on the role of religious charities and NGOs in urban regeneration policy in the UK, engaged to a microbiologist...err...Mid 20s? lol

Anyway, looking forward to doing some reading on here when I get the chance.


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                From  Canada myself near Toronto.  We have a lot of U K people here in spite of our best efforts. Start posting ASAP.




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 Welcome Fidel,You

 Welcome Fidel,

You certainly have some interesting things going on. Would like to hear about some of your research. Hope you will share.


From the US, a southern state, grew up as a fundie and head was filled with fairy tales.. Now an atheist and very interested in science.

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Hey Fedel, welcome. I've

Hey Fedel, welcome. I've been a member here since it was started years and years ago. Brian Sapient the owner was on ABC Nightline in a televised debate with Ray Comfort, you can google it on Youtube.


Brian and I met long before this website on the Infidel Guy message board which is now defunct and Infidel Guy has a Facebook page promoting science to kids.


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Jeffrick wrote:




                From  Canada myself near Toronto.  We have a lot of U K people here in spite of our best efforts. Start posting ASAP.





Easy! Welcome from one Limey to another, we need to keep these new world fold civilised.

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Welcome Fidel

Welcome Fidel Castronaut. I must say that is a cool avatar and screen name. Post often.

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Fidel - good to meet you.