Train stations and platforms

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Train stations and platforms

I've been around the world and have experienced train stations of all shapes and sizes. The best stations I've seen are in Washington DC and the surrounding area, but Europe has some amazing stations too.

The platforms in NY are too small though and remain as left over designs of a time when technology was different. Numerous times when I have been on the platform I've deliberately stayed away from the area and backed up against the wall for fear of being pushed.

I've watched people leaning out over the tracks thinking to myself, "WTF are you doing? You can hear the train coming, do you really need to be up on the edge of the platform?"

I still don't understand why the designs of the platforms are the way they are, even in the more advanced stations. There are no sensors to pick up on a person being on the tracks causing the trains to stop or slow down. Or even sensors in the front of the train to pick up on a person. It's really stupid.

They could even put railings up along the platform which go down in to the ground when the train finally stops. Also put steps or inverted ladders to make it easier to climb out, but I guess these items would require too much red tape making it impossible to ever happen.