You're frustrated about understanding Jesus Christ [YOU RESPOND]

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You're frustrated about understanding Jesus Christ [YOU RESPOND]

This is the first letter that Bob sent me:

I understand your frustration in logically understanding the existence of Jesus as the Christ. What I can say to you is that the Holy Spirit gives testimony of the existence and character of Jesus as the Son of God. I tell you this because I experienced the Holy Spirit as a 21 year old man (36 years ago) and the revelations that accompany such a spiritual event. I can 1000% assure you that God really exists and there is a Holy Trinity. God is pure love. God literally saved me and I give my allegiance and will never bear false witness against Him. God is spirit and not material and can never be logically deduced. He can only be found through spiritual faith and if He deems you worthy will give you the proof you seek. He does this through the Comforter, the Holy Spirit when He falls upon you. The Holy Spirit gives spiritual testimony and links you to Heaven where you will experience joy you have never previously attained on this Earth.

Because you don't know, does not mean He doesn't exist, it only means you don't know and never experienced Him. When I became 21, I was deeply depressed and very disappointed since I had no joy. I was not happy, the world lied to me saying attain goals and you will receive joy and happiness. I learned after so much blood sweat and tears that material goals and accomplishments does NOT give any permanent joy and happiness. Well I quit my band I always dreamed to be in, quit my great dream job, and broke up with my beautiful girlfriend that I loved, to go back to college and learn how to become joyful and happy. My heart was so empty and dark.

So after giving everything I worked so hard to attain and love, I went back to college full time to learn how to become joyful and happy. I gave up smoking and drinking and studied hard in my electrical engineering classes. After becoming more depressed while in college because I had no money and painfully feeling very regretful of what I done to my situation, I turned to finding God for help. I stumbled across passage Matthew 7.7, I knew that God must be able to be found because Jesus said so. In my quest to find God, Mathew 7-7 struck me. In it Jesus said: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

This passage struck me because if Jesus was really the Son of God, He would never lie and this statement would be true. I took these words to heart and finally broke down and cried to the Lord to help me because I ran out of gas and could not go any further. I reached my end, becoming suicidal and cried for the Lord to help me, then it happened. God answered me by sending the Holy Spirit. The event was like you read in the Bible. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and are pure flowing love and joy.

I owe God for saving my life and tell you I made the journey and found the joy and peace I sought.

Good luck my friend, the walk on this Earth is very hard and not easy. No one dies an atheist, for everyone will see the Lord and I hope it is a joyous occasion and not a tragedy.




This is the second letter that Bob sent me


I thought very strongly about this and I like to share with you the  particulars of the Holy Spirit as I experienced 36 years ago.

When I broke down and cried on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the Holy Spirit appeared out of nowhere. He got brighter and brighter, and became so bright I could not look directly at Him anymore but only in my peripheral vision. He is pure White, burning, radiating white rays of spirit energy piecing my body and soul and bright as the sun. The only difference He is pure white and not yellow like the Sun. He is a pillar of white light about the height of a man but an ellipsoid 3D shape. I could feel or sense an intelligent being inside that bright blinding light. I remember sensing He felt so caring for me and wanted to heal me. The first thought that entered my mind was, “I always knew there”. He is always in the back of my mind like my conscience to be exact. When He fell on me, I was engulfed and the dark depression turned into the greatest highest joy I ever felt. I felt the great overflowing love and caring of Jesus.  I felt like Jesus! It was so beautiful, I was working as a janitor for a summer job in an apartment complex and I was outside in a parking lot when it happened. The neat thing was a pack of dogs were in the trash can area  near me and I called to them and they felt it too! The dogs gathered around me and some fell on their backs with their bellies/feet in the air feeling the joy and rays of the Spirit, and it was like we were all of one mind. Just like
Heaven, it was so beautiful.

I tell you my words are absolutely true and I would never bear false witness ever.

God loves me and I love Him twice back for that! How great our God to care about me as a small speck of life in this immense universe!! Wow now how great is that!!!... This is the truth and I hope it may help you on your journey.

I dont tell many people this story but I feel you should hear it.





I will be directing Bob to this thread so please feel free to respond on my behalf.


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Delusional.Sounds like the


Sounds like the delusional lady from the other post.


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digitalbeachbum wrote:


Sounds like the delusional lady from the other post.





                       This turkey-ass is my age, which means he's old enough to know better, he doesn't. What help can we give to someone this far out of reality, we can't. No point in argueing eather.




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Quote:I can 1000% assure you


I can 1000% assure you that God really exists and there is a Holy Trinity.

Well a 1000% guarantee, that changes things, I guess I am wrong better get my happy ass over to church. My dog is laying in the yard with his feet in the air, he must be soaking in the rays of the holy spirit right now! Oh, wait- its just the sun.

Well Bob, whatever keeps you happy. Next time you see god tell him to stop hiding because if I play hide & go seek I am going to be playing it with my nieces and nephews not some omnipotent being that apparently wants to torture me for eternity.

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What you "experienced" was a

What you "experienced" was a delusion, and or brain illness. Human perceptions are notoriously flawed. Many things such as deep indoctrination, mental dissorders such as chemical imbalance, bi polar dissorder, depression, can cause intense brain activity as to misspercieve such as what you are claiming.

People throughout human history have recordeded their deulsions in artwork, building, poetry, and written religions, and then go on to pass these false memes onto another generation.

We  are NOT accuing you of lying. We are saying that you do not understand how easily one can be fooled by their own missperceptions.

There is only nature, and the human nature to fill in gaps with absurdities and wishful thinking. I am sorry thay you went all these years believing that what you "experianced" was real.

But no matter how real you thought it was, it was just you, just in your head, and a missfire in your physical brain to cause you to fill in a gap with superstition. The same "feelings" cause people to believe in Ouji boards, and cause them to believe that they have been abducted by space alliens.


Times of extreme stress and physical illness and mental imballance can all cause people to self delude into thinking and believing all sorts of events in their heads that never really happened. Unfortunately since evolution's primary goal is ONLY getting to the point of reproduction, fact finding more often than not gets thrown to the wind in favor of delusion.

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Bob, what really frustrates

Bob, what really frustrates me is that I know your God better than you do and yet you insist I don't.

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"I can 1000% assure you that

"I can 1000% assure you that God really exists and there is a Holy Trinity. God is pure love."

Why do you have such certainty? Is it based on your emotions? Where did you get the ideas about what God, and The Holy Trinity, is? Where did you learn this? I could read a book and tell people I'm sure this character exists. If all I have is an emotional feeling, no one should take it seriously. This is why I do not take your religion seriously.

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Bob isn't responding.

Bob isn't responding.