Happy B-day Marines

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Happy B-day Marines

 237 years ago today a Quaker that had recently been appointed as "Captain of Marines", Captain Samuel Nicholas began the recruitment efforts of the first two battalions of Marines at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, PA. Three months later the Marines saw their first battle and have been fighting for and protecting our country ever since. So sometime today raise a toast to the leathernecks past, present and future.


Semper Fi. 

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  Oh, yeah.  I used to

  Oh, yeah.  I used to have the date memorized.  Go US Marine Corp.

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Thanks!Have you ever had

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On a related note this

On a related note this Veterans Day, They had the opening National Anthem for Monday Night Football Pittsburg vs KC. They had veterans from all the wars but was  from Pearl Harbor! .


Everyone from Pat Tilman to the founders who fought the Revolutionary war, to the Korean War to Nam and Iraq and Afghanistan. While it is sad that war in humans exists at all, none of us would be posting here today agreeing or dissagreeing if it were not for those who put their lives on the line for us.

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Well, my late father and grandfather were actually regular Army ( grandfather was in WW2 and dad was in Vietnam).

But, I will join in and say Happy Birthday to the Marines.

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