Should Obama offer Romney a Cabinet post?

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Should Obama offer Romney a Cabinet post?

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 That's ridiculous. Obama

 That's ridiculous. Obama would never offer it and there is no good reason why he should. 

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No. I can't even see him

No. I can't even see him offering a job of liason. There is no reason to do so, even if they are closely related to their political ideologies.


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 Romney came up with a

 Romney came up with a version of Obamacare years before Obama.  In the last few weeks of the election, starting from the first debate and on, Romney represented his positions that were gradually moving closer to those of Obama.  I can see it. 

Should he?  NO.  Can I see it?  Yes.  I don't advocate Obama putting people into positions of power who will simply say what you want to hear based on the situation.  I want people that are consistent and who will embrace the truth, Romney isn't the guy.



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