Outrage! Onion Insults Islam By Not Mentioning It!

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Outrage! Onion Insults Islam By Not Mentioning It!


"No One Murdered Because Of This Image."




That was a recent headline from The Onion, the often hilarious parody newspaper.

The image in question is really not appropriate to describe with any specificity in a family newspaper. It's quite simply disgusting. And, suffice it to say, it leaves nothing to the imagination.

Four of "the most cherished figures from multiple religious faiths were depicted engaging in a lascivious sex act of considerable depravity," according to The Onion, and yet "no one was murdered, beaten, or had their lives threatened, sources reported Thursday."

"Though some members of the Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist faiths were reportedly offended by the image, sources confirmed that upon seeing it, they simply shook their heads, rolled their eyes, and continued on with their day."

There was one conspicuous no-show for the celestial orgy: the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

Jonah Goldberg, Tribune Media Services



No - it's not the Onion cartoon, that's linked above, but here's how Jesus and Mo saw it:







Jesus and Mo reproduced under Creative Commons








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Lmao. I'd love to know how

Lmao. I'd love to know how an extremist would respond.

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EGAD!!!! Now how am I

EGAD!!!! Now how am I supposed to eat breakfast? That is some picture.
I thought Jesus was the servant of all. Not according to this picture.
Really like Jehovah's tat.

Religion Kills !!!

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Good One

LOL. Good one AE.

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Yes, it really sums up the situation beautifully.

Today's reading of the papers has failed to show up any headlines where anybody has threatened or committed murder over the cartoon.

Not even threats to throw toys out of prams.

Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

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Muhammad's dick must be too

Muhammad's dick must be too small to join in the celestial orgy. Poor guy just has to watch.


I love this Onion story:



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