Chinese scientists unveil mind control drone

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Chinese scientists unveil mind control drone

Think hard to fly: Chinese scientists unveil mind-controlled drone


Chinese researchers have unveiled a system that allows users to control drones with their thoughts. The technology was designed to help handicapped people, but could have ample applications in other fields as well.

A video posted to YouTube by researchers at Zhejiang University shows how the system, called Flybuddy2, works. And it appears that you don’t have to be a nuclear scientist to build one. All you need is an EEG headset with a Bluetooth connection to a laptop – plus a quadrotor Parrot AR Drone linked to the computer.

The computer can receive EEG signals via Bluetooth and convert them to specific commands to control the AR drones through WiFi,” a presenter explains.

To get the drone to raise or to land, a user would need to “think left” hard. “Think left lightly” if you want to rotate clockwise and “right” if you want it to lurch forward. Give it a lift in the air by thinking “push.” And imagine clenching it if you want to bring it back down to earth.  


(Rest of the article can be found on the link above. This is some cool stuff if you ask me)


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I thought they developed

I thought they developed technology that controls your mind.

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Cpt_pineapple wrote:I

Cpt_pineapple wrote:

I thought they developed technology that controls your mind.

We already have that, it's called titties.

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Cool, although, I thought

Cool, although, I thought this was going to be the Chinese declaring they could control their peoples minds with flying drones, lol.

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