USA's women's soccer defeats North Korea today.

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USA's women's soccer defeats North Korea today.

Not much of a soccer fan, but I did want to see that match today, but for family duties which are more important, I did not get the chance. But good to know that that country's dictator has one less thing to brag about.

USA 1, People's Republic of North Crap rea zip ZERO




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Heh. North Korea has little

Heh. North Korea has little to brag about, and everything to be ashamed of.

Even so, I bet they blatantly lie to themselves and their populace and claim that they won.

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More on North Korea


How on earth could athletes from a nation of starving slaves perform so well? According to one of the gold-medal winners, the credit goes to North Korea’s recently departed dear leader. When Om Yun-chol won in the 56-kilogram weightlifting category on Sunday, having lifted three times his body weight and equaled the world record in the clean and jerk, he told the Olympic News Service, "I believe the great Kim Jong-il looked over me."

“[I]n contrast to the Nazis, who considered the Aryan race not just morally and intellectually but also physically superior, North Korea claims only moral superiority. … It is not a huge problem for them if they are not capable of winning gold medals in various disciplines. If they get a few they will chalk that up to their unique moral strength and the athletes will thank the leader for inspiring them."


And for gulag stories:

He spent his childhood in unforgiving and unpaid labour, developing the survival skills – snitching and stealing – that were vital for a daily existence, constantly threatened by beating and starvation. At 13, when he learned that his mother and brother were planning to escape, he did what had become instinctive and betrayed them to the authorities. The pair were tortured before his mother was hanged and his brother shot. But Shin, too, was tortured, for weeks in an underground prison within the prison camp, within the prison state. He had upset one guard by giving his information on his mother's plot to another guard, rather than to him.


The Guardian had a longer and more detailed story on this, but that page now says copyright expired. It may well be found elsewhere on the net. I seem to recall though that for many, they didn't hear about exotic things like the Olympics, they spent almost all their time just obeying, trying to avoid punishment and keeping barely alive.