Atheist Cartoon : A Fine Tuned Universe ? LOL

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Atheist Cartoon : A Fine Tuned Universe ? LOL

This is hysterically funny and pokes a giant hole in the fine tuned universe idea : (I wish I could embed it but do not know how) :


In the words of it's cartoonist :


Theists, when you make this argument, do you not realize that you're trampling all over your god's omnipotence? If the universe was made for life, with all the universe's dangers and inefficiencies, then to say that it could be no other way is to say your god couldn't do it any other way - and obviously, a way less hostile and more conducive to life would have been a better way.

I'm shocked people still use the fine-tuned universe argument. Though this counterargument is hardly new, I thought it would be fun to give it the DarkMatter treatment.


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Here you go   

Here you go Smiling



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I haven't seen this one,

I haven't seen this one, though I have seen another video by the same user. They are amusing, but I fear those who would do best by seeing them would also discount them based on the characterisation of god, his chipmunk angel buddy, and the language used.
Mostly they preach to the choir.

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