"Leaving the fold" Good radio interview

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"Leaving the fold" Good radio interview


Our guest tonight is Marlene Winell Ph. D., author of Leaving the Fold - A Guide for Former Fundamentalists and Others Leaving their Religion. For more information about recovery from harmful religion and religious trauma syndrome please visit Dr. Winell's web site http://journeyfree.org.

(This is a from a guy named Kenneth Anderson, who is heads an organization called Harm Reduction, which is mainly an alternative  for people with addictions and challenges the disease modal of recovery. But tonight's show was this interview. Check it out. Recovering fundies and theists will enjoy this).


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  I listened to part of the

  I listened to part of the interview but the sound quality was pretty poor.  I did Google Dr. Winell though and watched some of her other interviews.   Interestingly, both of her parents are retired missionaries with the Assemblies of God as well her brother who currently is still a missionary.    She is also associated somewhat with ex-Christian blogger Edward T. Babinski whom I have already been following.

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