A well reasoned case for separation of church and state.

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A well reasoned case for separation of church and state.

I'm always impressed with Qualiasoup's videos on youtube.   His logic and reasoning are extremely well explained and nuanced (sometimes better than the 4 horsemen IMHO.)  Usually he sticks more to atheism vs theism, but this time he gives a very well reasoned case for the separation of church and state.   He talks about specifics of British politics, but everything he says is perfectly applicable to America or politics in general.



Embed code doesn't seem to work (as is) on the preview, so I just left the link.  If someone knows how, feel free to embed it in your post and let me know how to do it.  Would be much appreciated. 

It seems obvious to me that everyone would benefit (religious people included) from total separation of church and state.  Everyone check it out and lemme know what you think.


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