Where are you from?

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Where are you from?

I don't know if anyone will be interested, but it seems like a fun idea. If enough people agree, maybe it'll get stickied (if that's actually possible with this forum format). So this topic's purpose is to conglomerate all the members of the site and their nation of origin, and the nation they currently reside in.
If you want to get a bit more specific (Province/State/City/etc.), you can, but there's no pressure to do so.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Grew up in Edmonton, Alberta; and a small town in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Currently residing in a small city between Toronto and Ottawa.

I've been to Mexico and Scotland, though I was way too young to remember (was almost born in Scotland actually, my mom had to fight to be let on the plane).
Been to Montana and Washington States, which I do vaguely recall. But I haven't left the country in about 20 years.

And that's me. An example of going to the extreme with the topic as well, because I can. Eye-wink

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I don't mind. I've already

I don't mind. I've already told the region in a couple threads. I always wonder what people look and sound like more than anything. It's funny how you put a face and a voice to people's writings.  I'm from  East Peoria Illinois                                    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Peoria,_Illinois   is right across the Illinois River from Peoria  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peoria,_Illinois in between Chicago and Springfield -Land of Lincoln.

It's always gotten poked fun of on tv shows but I'm not one for hometown pride so go right ahead.  It's best known for representing the average American city on several documentaries and programs- hence the saying "Will it play in Peoria?" then it will play anywhere. And being the home and world headquarters of Caterpillar.  Between the 2 towns there has been quite a few people you have heard of. Some to our shame.

Richard Pryor

Sam Kinison

Jim Thome

Joe Girardi

Roger Phegley

Dick Versace

Dan Fogelburg

Gary Richrath (REO)

Bob Michel

William Lane Craig

Kent Hovind

Matt Hale

Besides a couple short years as a kid in Sweetwater,Tennessee and Sheffield, Alabama, I've lived here my whole life.  My dad was a truck driver for a while when I was a kid and took me all over the country.  But I've really only spent time in a trail from NW Ontario to Missouri to Florida and about everywhere in that tri-angle. I always end up back here tho.

Damn it Vas, now you've made me wanna get the hell outa here.  Time for a trip.

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Your mentioning of trips

Your mentioning of trips brings to mind a potential sequel thread, or just adding the subject to this thread, on where people have travelled. I'll make one if this thread receives sufficient attention to warrant one, without automatically merging the subjects into this one.

And enjoy the trip! Sticking out tongue

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I was born

 I was born and raised in , Hoboken New Jersey. 

A town that has changed quite alot over the years. When I was a kid, back in the 1980's that was one tough, blue collar town. Lots of fights and such. If you grew up there, you had to be tough.

Now, the last time that I visited,  It has become an almost exclusively upper middle class town that would be way out of my price range. What caused the change ? Well, we are right across the river from New York City. Alot of New Yorkers have spilled over into northern New Jersey for a cheaper cost of living,.


I currently reside in Memphis, Tn ( a bible belt run place) and it would take several pages to explain how I ended up living here. 


Places I have visited ? San Francisco CA, Sturgis South Dakota, Deadwood South Dakota, Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX,  Little Rock Arkansas, New Albany MS (Hometown of William Faulkner) Pittsburgh PA, and lived with my oldest sister in Salem Massachusetts for a year.  I don't count the states that I crossed through to get to those places. I saw them all the best way to see them, on a Harley Davidson.

Overseas ? I visited Paris, France one time. I was dating a girl that was born and raised there. I had alot of fun there.

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More data

Born Melbourne, Australia

Lived in London for 20 years then back to Australia, but this time in Byron Bay, NSW.

Apparently my accent is hybrid Australian/North West London.

Visited Thailand, France, Germany, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, Austria, Belgium, Madrid, some Greek islands, Luxembourg, Egypt, China, Cuba and parts of England, Wales and Australia.