Dawkins, Dennet, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Grayling, Robertson, Myers At Atheist Conference

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Dawkins, Dennet, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Grayling, Robertson, Myers At Atheist Conference



Dawkins humourless and Hirsi Ali marvelous apparently, amid christian and muslim protests, claiming atheists will burn in hell. 

Plenty of kids in the audience, which is what we want to hear. 




Here are the muslim protesters chanting burn in hell, the little darlings...




Then when the conference broke for lunch the poor wee mussies chanting about burning in hell were surrounded by 4000 atheists who began singing....










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Poor old Dawkins

Everyone seems to say that about him, my missus included, but I reckon he's great.

I suppose he's not a barrel of laughs, be he is usually right and does create comedy in his own way. His style allowed Pell to say some very funny things.


The Muslim protestors though were genuinely hilarious, though I suppose it would be a very black humour if one were to meet them alone in a dark alley.


Especially if one were Ayaan Hirsi Ali:



Outside the Melbourne Convention Centre, two dozen Muslims from Dandenong Mosque chanted ''burn in hell'' and waved inflammatory placards.

''We just want to have a conversation, and tell them it is illogical to say there is no God,'' said one of the protesters, Shafeeq.

Security guards locked the doors, but many atheists used a nearby alternative to engage the Muslims in furious debate.

Sam Harris, one of the ''four horsemen of the anti-apocalypse'', said his foundation had helped fund Ms Hirsi Ali's protection when the Dutch government stopped paying.

''I went out to the moderate Muslim community to get help, and the push back was vile. The real problem is that religious moderates provide a space in which religious extremism is flourishing,'' he said.




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Given enough time, religion

Given enough time, religion will lose the battle.

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If you're a fundy And you

If you're a fundy

And you know it

Dont use facts


If you're a fundy

And you know it

Dont use facts


If you're a fundy

And you know it

And you really

Want to show it


If you're a fundy

And you know it

Dont use facts

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digitalbeachbum wrote:Given

digitalbeachbum wrote:

Given enough time, religion will lose the battle.

True because none of their bullshit every comes true.  How many thousands of years late is the mythical Jesus now??

When is the next atheist conference in the USA? I know they have one every year.

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