Pagham Gardens, By Brian37

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Pagham Gardens, By Brian37

Paghman Gardens, By Brian37

In the land
Of the Taliban
Before their rule
There was hope

Is not the label
But mundane behavior
Theism stifles
Progress in humans

For every advance
Our species makes
Superstition's grip
Holds us back

This beautiful park
Blown apart, along with
Buddhist statues
In this same country

Islamic Dark Ages
Thus they are stuck
Oppression the law
Protecting their god

Stay or go
Misses the point
Is the cause

To put tradition
Above human life
Just because
Some holds a belief

I am tired of
People pretending
Religion is good
And is not a weapon

Ask those burned
In Salem Mass
Ask the victims
Of the Inquisition

Ask the slaves
White Christians owned
Ask Native Americans
On the Trail of Tears

Martyrs are not heros
There is no such thing
They are merely bullies
Trying to claim

"Honor me"
Without question
Question not
My obsession

I fail not
To accept
Belief will happen
That I accept

But to avoid
Such destruction
Blasphemy laws
Must be questioned

Our civility
Cannot be built
On taboo laws
Of selfishness

To the Muslims
In the east
Lose your lust
Of forced submission

You will not get
Nor that of

When all you do
Are make demands
That your god
Of all commands

Bullies are tyrants
History be damned
Christian's tyranny
Results the same

In our age
Of Facebook
You will not win
Blowing things up

There are those
Under your rule
Who will no longer
Be played the fool

There are those
In the East
Who really do
Want world peace

You will not win
In the age of Twitter
Of making threats
Of killing others

Far to many
Around the world
Are wise to the scam
Of theocratic power

What you can do
For yourself
And move forward

Islam not be
Of 7 billion
And never was

Our species owes it
To this acceptance
To rid itself
Of childish tribalism

NOW TO ANY MUSLIM READING THIS, most in the west value the human right to believe what you want. BUT there is a huge difference between the right to hold a religion, and setting up a taboo where that religion can never be questioned.

A TABOO is a taboo, no mater who sets it up, be it Christians or a state such as China or the Former Soviet Union. TABOOS only piss off the outsider and minorties and create more human division.

THERE IS NO ALPHA MALE deity on a planet of 7 billion. OTHERWISE this pictures you see in that link create the garbage dump you prop up. If you don't want to be treated like human garbage, or live in a dump, then don't act like you deserve it. Scroll down to see what religion does to progress.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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