April Fools Day

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I rarely find April fools

I rarely find April fools jokes entertaining. On average they are contrived and predictable.

That said, there have been some really good ones. I vaguely remember one from the late 90's that was about Nintendo releasing games on the Playstation that sent ripples of chaos through the entire gaming community.

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Srsly?Google Quest totally


Google Quest totally beats the fuck out of Test Drive 3. Sticking out tongue


(I wish I had bothered to take some screenshots )


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Digital, if it makes you

Digital, if it makes you feel any better. I got pawned yesterday at work.

My co-worker pulled out his cell phone, implying that I was going to talk to our boss over the phone, upon me walking into work and said "Hey Brian, the boss said he told you to take the day off", and all I could think was "What did I do wrong, I want to work today"




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