Pixielated, By Brian37

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Pixielated, By Brian37

Pixielated, By Brian37

Mr Deeds

Went to town

Was horrified

By what he found


A windfall

Dropped in his lap

Bringing the termites

Out to feast


The bread lines full

Mouths to feed

He wanted to help

Surrounded by greed


His advice

A top the hill

If your car makes it up

Do not dwell


Out at sea

Some have boats

To lazy to row

Or help those who dont



Is that of Rush

Jaded Trump

Of that ilk


Not the man

Who sees the suffering

Not the man

Who helps you up



It really is true, the more life changes the more it stays the same. I just watched "Mr Deeds Goes To Town" and it depicted the attitudes of the rich during the Great Depression, vs those who had something to give and did. Now we are in a similar boat, and we still have jaded people who think that they wont get hurt if they let other people sink. A society is as only as strong as those at the bottom.

"Pixielated" was a word used by two old ladies to describe "Mr Deeds", in the movie. I am using it here to describe the jadedness of those who think starving the rest of society to explode profits is sustainable.



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