Suddenly Last Summer, By Brian37

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Suddenly Last Summer, By Brian37

Suddenly Last Summer, By Brian47

The turtles
Laid eggs in the sand
Hatched they scramble
To the sea

To avoid
The swirling birds
So numerous
To block out the sun

They swoop down
Like rising suns
At Peril Harbor
They turn them over

Pecking their guts
The cruel reality
Sebastian's poem
Was his last

Carcass shells
Left after the feast
Rot in the cruel sun
Abandoned by mothers

Cathrine's witness
Drove her mad
How could we do this
To each other

To cure this bane
We must accept
That of reality
Instead of ignoring it

The doctor rightfully
Made her face
These evil birds
Eating the turtles

The sun not cruel
Nor the birds
Nor the mothers
Who abandon them

There is only
Imperfect life
Both good and bad
And human strife

But if one thing
Williams taught me
Is be yourself
Face adversity

Indictment surely
Of humanity
Feed we do
On human cruelty

This poem is an ode to Tennessee Williams and the play and movie "Suddenly Last Summer". I just watched it this morning. Ironically Williams hated it. I loved it. Hepburn's character was twisted and drew you in so deeply you hung on every word. Taylor too was awesome. The metaphor about the baby turtles on the beach as a metaphor being eaten REALLY IS the harsh reality of evolution and nature.

While this play was an emotional appeal to try to treat others better. I think the bigger message is in that trying to do that, we cant ignore reality, because by doing such we can and far to often do, in doing such, create more cruelty.

And more so today, I think older movies that depend on acting rather than special affects take far much more talent and depth than the quick fix action crap done on computers.

This has to be one of my top ten favorites of all time. Up there with Shindler's List, Malcolm X and Key Largo.

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