Pre Revolution colonies, the history civics classes should teach.

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Pre Revolution colonies, the history civics classes should teach.

This link was posted by someone else at Atheist Forums, but I think it is worthy of spreading. And I encourage everyone to spread it everywhere they can.

The stories contained in this article  demonstrate the glaring lack of unfiltered history that has unfortunately gotten buried. Most people have an image of the Mayflower and all the colonies living in harmony. THAT was not the case. The colonies often had their own sectarian religious laws, much like Islamic states in the Middle East do. And if you were an outsider in a colony, at best they would tolerate you, but if you raised your voice, or tried to avoid their religious genuflecting demands, you were in a world of trouble, from everything to being run out of town, fines, jail or even death.

It was not until the likes of Jefferson and Paine and the idea that government cannot be based on religious law, but common law beyond religion. THE Constitution, started freedom of religion, it did not start at the Mayflower.


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