Ron Paul

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Ron Paul

What am I missing about Ron Paul? Besides the fact Fox news and the media black-ball him. I don't know anyone personally to ask

that wouldn't be biased by their religious beliefs. I'm sure you've all discussed it before but I missed it. He seems as legit as a

politician can possibly be to me.

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This is the other thread

This is the other thread about him... I'm sure underneath it all he's still a politician.


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Jean Chauvin
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Hey Tony

Hey Tony,

I've thought of the same thing. I actually typically enjoy fox news. I have some irritations on Reilly's "moderate" against capital punishment for example type views.

But yeah, they really are kind of almost conspiratal when it come to Ron Paul. I mean in 2008 presidential race, Shawn Hannity laughed and placed Ron Paul at the bottom of the race before the votes were even counted and when they were counted he was one of the top.

I'm surprised Ron Paul is still alive. He fights agains the New World Order and most die who do this. He wants to eliminate the Federal Reservce and is not part of the "click" with the CFR and typical click groups.

I'm surprised he doensn't talk on this more but I kind of have a feeling that the federal reserve and the anti NWO thinking Ron Paul has pisses them off royally.

Now sadly, the only person worthy to watch for me on Fox is O'Reilly.

I will be voting for Ron Paul.


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Jean Chauvin (Jude 3).