Scorned, By Brian37

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Scorned, By Brian37

Scorned, By Brian37

He went on his quest
Made her a promise
That when he came back
Nuptials would follow

But after the kids
And her support
And his promises
He backed off

Medea took not
Kindly to Jason's
Broken promises
He had made

I'll marry you
In due time
At the end of my trip
Of you I'll find

Not the case
Of Jason's word
When he returned
From his adventure

He fancied not
That of Medea
But that of what
A King had promised

Jilted she was
In total abandon
Of their loins
She took revenge

In a pyre
The bride's dress
Consumed his prospect
And his loins

Medea would not
Be ignored
Would not be
Shoved aside

So when Jason
Abandon her
Of their loins
She destroyed

Murdered the bride
And the King
Leaving Jason
To contemplate

His actions
(the end)

This poem is about one of my favorite plays. Not because revenge is a good idea, to me it is petty. I like this play because for it's time it had depth and complexity.

Jason promised her everything when he got back but dumped her for political reasons. She kills the kids they had together and the bride he was to marry and the king who was the bride's father, for revenge.

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