Iran To Murder Christian Pastor Unless He Converts to Islam: What Would You Do In His Shoes?

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Iran To Murder Christian Pastor Unless He Converts to Islam: What Would You Do In His Shoes?



Iran has issued what could be the final execution order for Youcef Nadarkhani, the Christian pastor who was found guilty of renouncing Islam. This bloke is deluded but he doesn't deserve to be killed for it. Here we see fundamentalist faith at its worst. We've seen it with the christian church, we are seeing orthodox judaism  reborn in parts of Israel to the horror of the secular population and here we see it at the state level in muslim Iran.

Religious fundamentalism. A toxic perversion of conservative values, devoid of wisdom and shorn of human empathy. I have a question I'd like to pose, however. Apparently the muslims have told the pastor he will be spared if he converts to islam but he refuses to do so. What would you atheists and theists out there do in his position?




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Iran is fucked up.  If i was an atheist in Iran facing the death penalty, being unfortunate enough to have been born there, I would convert to Islam and then get out of there as soon as humanly possible.  Better yet, I wouldn't live there once I was an atheist.  I would move to the United States, Europe, or Australia. 

As for that Christian pastor, I think he'll be executed shortly.  He thinks he's going to heaven anyway to be with Jesus, so he has hope.  Maybe if the sane parts of the world put enough pressure on the woefully obtuse ayatollah, the pastor can be freed.  The Middle East has a lot of catching up to do.  I place place full judgment on them for being an inferior culture.

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I feel sorry for any Arab

I feel sorry for any Arab minority living in those countries, regardless if they hold a religious belief. Even in more westernized Muslim countries like Turkey you might not be arrested by the government, but there damned sure are assholes who would beat you up or threaten you.

What a fucked up gang mentality. And for any Christian asshole to claim oppression here is a fucking joke, but yet they have no problem threatening a 16 year old who objected to government property being gang tagged by religion. THIS, to the Christians reading this IS WHY things like that banner in a highs school, is not a good idea.

This is a Christian who has a right to be fearful and has a right to fear the government who is doing this to them. And this example is exactly WHY the founders set up "no religious test" and wrote the First Amendment, so that we would not do shit like this to each other as citizens. If Christians living here want to know what oppression is, ask this guy facing death and then come back here and tell me you are being oppressed here.

Christians in the west have no fucking clue what oppression is and still at the same time clamor for government favoritism, the same gang mentality, that if it got a good enough hold, would turn back the clock on 200 years of keeping theocracy at bay.

TAKE A GOOD LOOK CHRISTIANS every time you think a "Christian Nation" is what we should be. THEOCRACY IS THEOCRACY AND THIS IS THE FACE OF THEOCRACY!

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Hey Extreme

If your question is what I would do as an atheist in his position, the answer is simple. I would falsely convert to

Islam or any other hocus pocus religion, publicly if need be, just to get my ass out 'a Dodge.  And then I would

publicly explain my position and renounce God and all religion to the world later.  If I was a true christian, I would

pray for God to call upon his angels to rescue me.  And if he gets out of there with help from other nations, I'm sure

he will say that's exactly what happened.  Remember the only thing he can't do and be forgiven of later is to deny

the holy spirit, according  to fairy tale rulebook.  But if he has any sense at all he'll still do it and weasel out of it later.

  If the ACLJ and the other nations aid in his release and they all claim another victory for Jesus, I'll be happy for him

anyway.  The poor sap doesn't deserve to die just for being delusional.  I find it hilarious that Iran is a signatory of

the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Whoever got them to sign that deal was kidding themselves to think

they would hold true to any part of that declaration.  The delusions just keep on coming.  Sometimes I feel like I'm

watching young boys fighting over who's dad is the toughest. lol

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I wouldn't be in his

I wouldn't be in his position in the first place. He allowed his pride and arrogance to override his self preservation, and accomplished nothing more than the martyrdom he wanted to receive. Clearly he's getting what he wanted, but I have better things to do.

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 Not being a Christian, I

 Not being a Christian, I can't imagine what I'd do in his situation. I have no respect for Christianity and don't see it as a thing worthy of get killed for. And apparently, he wasn't a practicing Muslim for many years, so it's not like he has to start praying 5 times a day again. Depends on the size of his faith, probably. Maybe he'd hope to become a martyr for faith or at least die as a hero to show finally how barbaric the Iranian theocracy is. Maybe eventually even citizens of Iran would start rioting. I want Iran to be independent as any other country should be, but its government is just awful. I guess the leaders are a bunch of fanatical ayatollahs, who hold the regime tight as a precaution to Israeli and American attacks and sabotages. Well then, can't blame the citizens for choosing their own oppressors over foreign oppressors.

I actually met a guy from Iran once, online. Young man, liked some music in my collection, so I shared with him. It was a psytrance music by an Israeli band, something he couldn't otherwise obtain in his country. His connection was quite slow, so we had a plenty of time to chat. He wasn't very happy about the regime and his leaders. I tried to cheer him up a little. I hope he enjoys the trippy beats and that they won't catch him with this unislamic music, whatever passes there for the police.

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