Sic Semper Boxes, By Brian37

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Sic Semper Boxes, By Brian37

Sic Semper Boxes, By Brian37

When we buy
Things like cars
There are many
Different colors and brands

When we play
Things like sports
There are many
Different games and teams

When we read
Things like books
There is everything
From biographies to fiction

But for some reason
Our tribalism
Needlessly persists
In politics and religion

A label
Is a horrible shortcut
Often not taking on
Claims as individual claims

On can be a Republican
And not like sports
One can be a Democrat
And own a gun

And personally
I know of
An atheist
Who is a Libertarian

Our Constitution
And Bill Of Rights
Was a recognition
Of such

We are not cliches
We are not labels
We are not one sport
Or one car, or one claim

We are individuals
Much more than
Simple pejoratives
We hurl at each other out of fear

We are humans first
Our issues as complex
As our entire species
We are not clones

We can collectively
Minimize our phobias
By putting the common
First, as our priority

Differences will happen
And we cannot avoid
But we must avoid

Sic Semper Boxes

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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