Atheists are war supporters?

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Atheists are war supporters?

While ago, I got into a discussion with a religious guy over the internet over why "Atheists are such horrible people". He claimed to actually be a liberal or left wing god believer and said he believed in no particular religion.

Aside from the already popular "Polpot, stalin communism" stuff, he later used an argument I personally haven't heard before. His argument that Atheists supported wars where people of a high concentration of religion were killed. He then pointed to the recent wars in the Mid East (Afghan, Iraq, and the other conflicts), with the religion being Muslims.  He went on about how muslims were peaceful, media is deceptive to make them out to be 'boogeymen' and all that.

So he basically said that Atheists were cheering on the wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, and praising US (or whichever other Country's) armed forces for killing thousands of Muslims. In other words atheists were getting what they wanted by eliminating rather large amounts of muslims, without actually getting blood on their hands. He of course mentioned that since most of the Soldiers in the west are either Christian or something else, if these lives were loss, they'd also be fair praise to atheists as religious people were just killing themselves.

His evidence for this? Well he just linked me to a few Christopher Hitchens youtube videos which you probably already know what are contained.


So how do you guys feel? Even though he's a nut, do any of you think that these wars have good to them because they are 'thinning' some of islam's religious folk?

Or is he just referring to Hitchens or a minority or even a nonexistent group of atheists?




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 More than religious nuts

 More than religious nuts get killed in these wars. It also fuels fundamentalism/nationalism.

Stable, secular democratic governments are the best. They promote tolerance and science can develop there.

Fundamentalist like to start wars, so they can take over with all the chaos.

This atheist disagrees with his premise.

Religion Kills !!!

Numbers 31:17-18 - Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.

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 An atheist doesn't believe

 An atheist doesn't believe in god(s), therefore an atheist doesn't believe in god(s).

All other therefores are optional 

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Frankly, I'm cheering for

Frankly, I'm cheering for the locals. Not because they're moslems, but because they're people who've been bullied by the worlds biggest assholes for decades. I love seeing bullies get knocked the fuck out. Almost as much as I love people minding their own business and not trying to force their beliefs/ethics/etc. on others.

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