The Fallacy Files, new column, article one. The "You forgot....AH HA"

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The Fallacy Files, new column, article one. The "You forgot....AH HA"

I have decided to start a new critics corner column. I will be using it to post stories around the net about fallacies news stories that use absurd arguments to jump on atheists.

Here is a story from the Huffington Post. It is one of the worst stories using one of the most absurd arguments.

In it theists fallaciously blast Dawkins for invoking God in a debate, first off. And blast him for not recalling the full name of Darwin's book.

REALLY? That is the best these idiots have? Their argument is "Ah ha" you invoked God" Implying that Dawkins has some secret desire to believe, which is bullshit. So when an actor says "Break a leg", they have a secret desire to literally break someone's leg?

And as far as not remembering the full name of Darwin's book? Name me one human that has not forgotten where they put their wallet or their keys? Having acted in plays myself, I can tell you, I have forgotten lines in front of an audience.

BUT his gaffs still wouldn't change a damned thing about the nature of reality. DNA backs up Darwin even if the name of the book had been "Animals Make Babies".

On the other hand, if any Minster or Pastor or Priest could recite the entire bible word for word, it would not make magic babies real and it would not make surviving rigor mortis possible.

"Ah ha" "Gottcha", in the moment, is the stupidest and childish argument a theist can make. If some remember the idiot theist who posted that video of Dawkins looking puzzled as proof that Dawkins was stumped, that too is a complete misrepresentation and deliberate manipulation of video in a desperate attempt to attack Dawkins and evolution. Evolution is fact, even if Dawkins had walked on set with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

Dawkins was never claiming to be super human. So when he haves gaffs and makes mistakes like any other human, to falsely jump on what every human does, is dishonest. Theists resort to this because looking at their own arguments scares them. The prospect of possibly being wrong scares them.

This is my first installment of "The Fallacy Files". More to come.




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