A little 3D TV test here

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A little 3D TV test here

Background: Movies are being post-processed to produce 3D movies.

I do not know how the processing is done. I do know how auto focus works on cameras. The trick is to maximize in the focus areas being sampled. For example center weighted assumes the object of interest is in the center. Then the contrast is maximized for the object in the weighted area.

In movies this means the object in focus is almost always the characters or objects in the foreground. This has been a filming policy almost from the beginning even when it is a person standing close to a wall. (The man responsible is called the Key Grip -- now you know. He picks the lens that will keep the wall out of focus even when close.)

Anyway when the light went on as a method of post-processing for 3D I started watching TV to verify that 3D could be produced this way that the lesser contrast was always there. But I noticed something else the more I watched. I found my head was processing focus and assigning depth to it. It is not seeing 3D but it is not seeing flat either. The more I do this the less I think about doing it. It is becoming natural to see a sort of 3D. It is like substituting blurriness (lack of contrast) for the "cross eye" vision while coming to a similar mental image. It is simply substituting one clue for another.

Anyway, to be sure I am not deluding myself I need confirmation. Anyone else want to try it?


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