Fallacies of Evolution Require Extreme Faith

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Fallacies of Evolution Require Extreme Faith

The doctrines of a "no God" crowd require more faith than to believe in God. I will demonstrate this throughout this forum.

The Bigbang Doctrine

#1 I call it “doctrine” because it is a theory based on faith. It is not science nor does it adhere to the scientific method.  It is not observable, nor repeatable.

#2 This doctrine teaches that the whole universe came from a dot smaller than this one => .

#3 This dot came from absolutely nothing. Basically, “nothing exploded”. lol

The existence of the universe cannot come from nothing. Something must have been there and from that something it all came to be. If there was “absolutely nothing” in the past, then today we would have absolutely nothing.

Atheists criticize Christians for believing in miracles when in fact they are the ones who believe in extreme miracles. When I ask God to do something for me, it is like asking a friend for a hand to do something that otherwise would be impossible for me to do. The help of my friend is referred to by atheists as a miracle when in fact IT IS NOT a miracle.

Believing that the whole universe came from absolute nothing is IN FACT a miracle.

Nothing cannot produce something. This a fallacy and to believe this you need EXTREME FAITH.