Hi from Canada...

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Hi from Canada...

Hi Everyone,


I am someone who has never believed in God. I am lucky to live in a part of the word where most people are not overtly religious, so growing up, it did not seem that religion was a big deal. In university, I studies history, specifically world religion and its impact on politics and governance. That is when I really began to understand how important religion is to control. Most of the people I talk to do not see religion to be a threat to their personal freedoms, but I feel that religion and the vehemence with which it is begin followed is terrifying. If anyone has been following the republican race in the US, you understand my concerns.


I am not sure exactly what I can do, but I feel that I need to act. I have begun to investigate various movements and groups that are anti religion in a constructive and organized way, which is how I found this site.


I look forward to chatting with you all.



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Oh, Canada also,eh?

                           Welcome on site I'm in Mississauga Ont, my self where are you?   Meny other Canadians on site also  post often.


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Welcome!  I also despise the social conservatism of the religious right.  Rick Santorum represents this category nicely.  I hope he gets destroyed and Ron Paul takes the lead, followed by Obama winning.  I hope Ron Paul types are the future of the Republican Party -- at least they are socially liberal.

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Welcome, also from Canada,

Welcome, also from Canada, Ontario.

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Glad to have you.I am a

Glad to have you.

I am a really big cat. Eye-wink

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Are you happy Brian Sapient?

Are you happy Brian Sapient? Look what you have done. You've brought another atheist to our ranks.

And to the OP, never mind me, I tell bad jokes and root for a really sucky NFL team.

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