More atheist billboards.

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More atheist billboards.

Time for another Hallmark moment. When atheists say "I am only one person" or "it wont make a difference", I have to differ. Just 11 short years ago the thought of atheist billboards anywhere in this country was a dream. Then as prior to 01 when stories came out about atheists they were negative and stereotypical, and rare in any case.

But without the nurse whom I read about in 01 after 9/11 in an AP opinion who was an atheist, I might not have taken action myself. And if it were not for the likes of Atheist Network and Infidel Guy, I wouldn't be active today.

Billboards are now constantly going up all over the nation, even in the most conservative of states promoting reason and atheism. And there isn't one day now doing a google news search of the word "atheist" without finding a story about atheists somewhere.

This link is yet another example of "yes we can, and yes we are". One person does count.


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