PWed or DWed into 'believing'?

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PWed or DWed into 'believing'?

Which is worse, a man that is Pussy Whipped(PW) into 'believing' her version of God or a man that Dick Whips(DW) his wife into 'believing' his version of God?

Since theists are all over the map about what version of God to believe, you can tell who wears the pants in a theist relationship by who whips whom into accepting their version of god. Who wins the belief battle. But, I've never seen or heard about someone being whipped into becoming atheist or agnostic. Can this happen?

I'm asking now because I'm looking at Gingrich vs. Romney, not to vote but to see who would be a better president. Gingrich got whipped into being Catholic(by  a Blonde) after being Southern Baptist. Romney on the other hand DWed his wife into becoming Mormon. It more rare to see a man do the whipping. This makes me think Romney will be a stronger leader, able to push through his agenda.


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