The god of the gospels does not fulfill his promises

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The god of the gospels does not fulfill his promises


In a recent discussion, if I judged the posts correctly, two people, tlctim and ex-minister, testified in their earlier years they fervently believed, prayed and sought Jesus. In the end, after honestly believing and seeking god, they now know there is no god; they received no response to their fervent belief or prayer. I am going to echo their testimony. As a youngster, I devoutly believed without reservation, I prayed and received the sacraments in full faith, love and complete honesty. Yet, I now know god does not exist.

The gospel promises, on the word of god himself, that if you pray, your prayers will be answered and if you believe, you will be saved. Belief and prayer are the fundamental requirement for a response from god. God promised they would work if performed in good faith. We fulfilled these requirements and as a result, we know that god doesn’t exist because after all we did to believe, to meet his requirements, to do exactly as the gospels demand, there was no response.


The gospels explain that man is weak, he cannot, of himself, do good or find god. One can only find god through god, through prayer. Therefore since our prayers and belief were honest and heartfelt, the fault must lie with the system.

The god of the gospels does not fulfill his promises (particularly concerning prayer and healing the sick) and if he doesn’t fulfill his promises he cannot be god, he cannot exist.