Newt, Clinton, Celebrities and privacy.

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Newt, Clinton, Celebrities and privacy.

By now everyone knows about Newt's x talking about her claim that he asked for an open marriage.

PLEASE don't make this about an "open marriage". I really don't give a fuck. Not the issue, the hypocrisy is.

What bothers me about ANY politician or celebrity is when they demand that the media, ESPECIALLY NEWS, not question them. Newt, Clinton and even Mel Gibson, all all public figures. As long as the media asking them questions are not impeding their physical progress, such as walking, or driving a car, and are not physically touching them, they can ask any question they want.

THE MEDIA had every right to ask Clinton about his affair. Newt knew going into politics, just as if he became a famous actor, the public would ask questions.

NOW what I don't like is that this isn't even about a court asking about Newt's private sex life, Newt is a hypocrite in saying nothing about the media asking Clinton questions, but now that they are doing it to him he doesn't like it.

THE ONLY TIME I think it is wrong for the media to get information on someone famous is when they illegally go onto private property, or hack someones computer or impede a persons forward motion.

Now if Newt was being hauled into a court and asked not by reporters, but by a court, about a consensual act that is not illegal, then that crosses the line.

BUT what separates us from fascist states is the ABILITY for our media to question those in the public eye. Our courts are bound to respect the privacy, but our media is only bound to respect property rights and physical rights. THEY ARE NOT obligated to protect the emotions of the famous questioned because that person doesn't like the question.

IT WAS FAIR for our media to ask Clinton about his affair. BUT the same with Newt. The same with Obama or Mel Gibson or Cher. No one hacked Newt's cell phone, or stole private property from his house. No one impeded his physical motion when asking him that question.

Now, I would merely suggest that if you are going to be in the public eye, you should expect these questions. Now, if Newt didn't want to answer it, instead of saying what he said in implying that the media committed a crime, which they did not, he should have simply said "My x has her story, I have mine, that was then, we are not living then, and I will not discuss it". I think Clinton fucked up with the media lying about it. Instead of simply saying "I am not going to discuss it". I think however, since Monica was a consensual act, the courts had no right asking about it. But the difference is one is news an the other is a court of law.

But lecturing the media about personal questions when he jumped all over Clinton and is part of the morality police party, is the height of hypocrisy.

Both Ben Franklin and JFK fucked anything that moved. I don't care. If you are not breaking the law it is none of my business. But no one has the right to tell the media what questions they can or cannot ask when they are not breaking the law. WITH ANY PUBLIC FIGURE, be it a celebrity, sports star, musician, actor, or politician.

Your privacy rights when you are famous ARE still in tact in that the media cannot illegally obtain information about you. But if all they are doing is asking you questions on the street, or while you are in front of a mike, the media has every right to ask any question they want. You don't have to answer it, but you cannot stop them from asking it.

I do not feel sorry for any famous person, Clinton, Newt, Tebow, or M&M. The only thing the media cannot do is the same thing they cannot do to an unknown person. They cannot violate property rights or impede your motion. But once you step onto public property the media can ask you anything they want. It is up to you if you answer or not, but you cannot stop them from asking if they are not breaking the law.

NOW BEFORE ANYONE RESPONDS, this really IS NOT about morality or the sex habits of anyone.

THIS has to do with media and what kind of society we want to live in long term. As long as your property rights and physical rights are not threatened, merely being asked an offensive question by a reporter, is not a crime.



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