Rocky Mountain Low,, By Brian37

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Rocky Mountain Low,, By Brian37

Rocky Mountain Low, By Brian37


What went wrong

I kissed his ass

Stole a pose

From "The Thinker"


I be came the darling


Wounded duck passes

Won many games


Why hast thou

Forsaken me

In favor of

St Tomas of Brady?


Or is it just

That I cannot see

There is nothing up there

Helping me


My selection bias

In mere enteratianment

In long term history

It is meaningless


Mork and Mindy

Your offensive line

Making us laugh

At the divine


Jimmy  Fallon

The real winner

Providing him fodder

From your pining


From your pining

After a hero

A 12th man

Not at all there


Your pose a joke

Just lucky socks

You still did choke

Sucking up to this god


Whats worse than this

Is that you insist

While people starve

In wars and famine


Whats more important

Is that you win

Not the real suffering

In the real world


You pretend to be selfless

Yet your actions are selfish

It's all about you

And gaining club members


Yet with all that "help"

You cannot see

In the length of the game

In it's history


All teams will have

Ups and downs

No god needed

To win or lose


Strike this pose

Scrap the prayer

Just play the game

Accept reality




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