Another one takes swipe at Hitchens.

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Another one takes swipe at Hitchens.

The opinion starts of of course, pointing out Hitchens addictions as if belief in god would have stopped him or prevented him. Yet if you surveyed all the people that drink, and all the people that smoke, and all the people in treatment programs the vast majority in America, would not be atheists.

Secondly, the "don't blame God, he is good", crap again.

Really, 5 million people die each year world wide. 29.000 CHILDREN alone in one month died in Africa from starvation because of a war. And all this under this God's watch? 

Not to mention the "true atheist" crap. According to this pile of tripe we are merely in denial pretending he does not exist. Same crap, different claimant.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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"[Atheists] do not want to think about having to stand before God on Judgment Day and give an account of their sinful lives."  Wow.  This right here proves that Christianity is not a religion of truth, but of control.  And not of control over yourself, but of others.  What a cult.  This is like saying that atheists don't believe in the government because we don't want to go to court!  What a bunch of nonsense.  They just want to point their finger to a nonexisting problem and then have themselves be the cure -- it's racketeering

"[Humans] are spiritual beings with an innate desire to engage in worship."  This part is just disgusting.  They think that just because they believe in God, that everyone else has to have an equivalent of God in their lives.  No exceptions.  If they like to worship, then everyone else must have an equivalent.  It's total nonsense.  They have no refinement of thought.