For those who think atheists don't have a voice.

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For those who think atheists don't have a voice.

Yet another book out by another atheist. So I really do not want to hear it from the nay sayers that because we are still a minority, that we are not getting more vocal, or stronger, here is yet another example of our voice growing.

Whether you are the kumbia atheist or the verbal boxer, take heart, you DO have a voice, and every voice counts. You don't have to write a book, or run a website. For every one person who does write a book or does own a website, there are far more who support those books and websites by participating in them.

I have seen the atheist voice go from the extreme back burner of society, to being mentioned every single day in some way somewhere. We cannot be ignored any more.

And in another post I discovered an atheist group in Pakistan. So if someone here thinks "it doesn't matter" or "We cant do anything" I say YES WE CAN.

It was because of a Chicago nurse, and atheist, who had her opinion printed in newspapers nation wide, after 9/11 that sparked me to get off my ass and raise my voice myself.

IT DOES make a difference. Don't think because you are surrounded, that you can't do anything. Don't think that because it is only one post, it doesn't matter. You can post anywhere on the internet, not just here. News media has stories all over the net about religion and atheists. You can respond there too. You can write your local paper. You can write your elected officials. You can use facebook and twitter and all the modern social media we have available.

I'd say if there are brave Pakistani's willing to risk their lives in a country where picking on Allah can get you murdered, in the west, I think atheists have less of an excuse. Certainly do it your own way. If you like the library in dealing with belief, then take the library approach. If, like me, you don't mind knocking around claims then do that too. JUST DO IT!

We have growing numbers and the future. Invisible friends are like the shadows on the wall at night and we are the sunlight of the dawn of reason.



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