Oh thank Heaven for 7-11, and skeptics.

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Oh thank Heaven for 7-11, and skeptics.

The next time you go into the convenience store and the foreign clerk with the weird accent asks you in broken English what kind of smokes you want, or if it will be credit or debit, don't assume that because of his complexion that he's going to slam planes into buildings. Only Mulslims do that. All Muslims. You know, just like all Catholics molest kids because preachers do.

Anywho, at great risk to their lives an atheist group has been started in Pakistan. Brave people. It is nice to see skepticism spreading, especially in a region that needs it's own Jefferson and Paine. Now if they could only get my change right.




"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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This is encouraging.  There needs to be more rationality in the Middle East, for sure.  Listen to this part: "G: What led you to questioning religion and ultimately becoming an Atheist?  HN: I was an Islam Apologist. The thing that got me started was the idea that the reason I was a Muslim was simply because I was born into a Muslim Family." 

That's awesome. 

Also, he attributes the rise of atheism in Pakistan to the internet: "G: And why do you think it’s on the rise?  HN: Why is it on the rise? Well if I had to put forward what I see as the most pertinent reason, it would have to be the internet and social media. We are connected like nothing else. A boy in a small town outside Lahore can watch a lecture by Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan and Christopher Hitchens. Ten years ago it wasn’t that easy." 

Awesome.  We're all having an effect!  At least some effect.  The internet is one of the main things that helped me; that and books.  First it was books about science and then the philosophical arguments finished it off.  YouTube was, and still is, a huge resource for me to watch numerous debates and lectures.