Zombie bees!

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Zombie bees!

There have been a lot of theories abound regarding why honeybees are rapidly disappearing, but no one would have guessed anything even close to something this horrifying.  news.yahoo.com/zombie-fly-parasite-killing-honeybees-230200867.html


From fungus to parasites attacking every major colony within the past three years, I'd say researchers should probably get on the stick and deal with these issues pronto especially now that they know a few of these theories are staring them right in the face.  It's either that or keep watching this "colony collapse syndrome" continue until there aren't any bees left to pollinate the crops.  Then we'd be in a world of shit...



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Sage-Override wrote: Zombie Bees !

Yes, I saw that article this AM, but I didn't get a chance to read it yet, anyway when I briefed over the article I thought to myself " Wow ! ain't Nature clever ? Life ! what can I say ?

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