Nigerian Church bombings.

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Nigerian Church bombings.

It's all over the news. The ugly head of religious violence is once again on display. Now while I am an advocate of attacking absurd fantastic comic book claims, there simply is no excuse for this behavior. It will not make Christians want to convert or submit to Islam. It will just serve to piss them off and entrench them deeper.

To any Muslim reading this, please tell the dickheads in your bunch doing this to knock it off. We are all the same species. We all have only one planet to live on. Any complaints you may have rightfully about the west and Christianity and Jews cannot be solved through acts of religious violence.

The world is too small for this petty tribalism. It solves nothing and merely contributes to the division humanity needs LESS OF.

Islam and Muslims need their Jefferson and Paine. You need to get with the secular pluralistic world and accept that Islam is ONE of thousands of beliefs on a planet of 7 billion.

When you act out in this manor you are merely simply displaying a base and negative selfishness in our species desire to be the alpha male. It does not serve humanity at all other than to piss people off.


"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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