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There is a new add on tv that has been running for a couple months now. It is for a youth website called

These fuckers pray upon troubled teens.

Now before Christians get their panties in a bunch. I am not talking about ANY religious parents who do the right thing and allow the child to grow up deciding for themselves.

The Christians pulling this crap want vulnerable troubled teens who most likely have been indoctrinated already into a "my way or the highway" mentality and do not have a wide exposure to differences and don't understand their own behavior.

It is merely victimizing a victim.

Even without my parents raising me indoctrinated to one religion being the only right way, I did have the typical rebel reaction to my mother's "absolute authority" script. That was bad enough by itself.

I have no doubt if we joined and tried to offer these troubled teens a secular rational way to deal with problems many teens go through, we'd get banned.

This is nothing but a fucking recruitment tactic.

I wish I had the money to put atheist adds up offering troubled teens rational solutions to problems, that even I had as a teen without the superstition.

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