Society May Get Stuck With the Bill for Expensive Higher Education

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Society May Get Stuck With the Bill for Expensive Higher Education

ScienceDaily (Dec. 14, 2011)— The rising cost of a college education and limited access to financial aid may create a less productive workforce and steeper wealth inequity, according to a study by two North American economists.
Students with low-income parents are discovering that it is more difficult to find funds to pay for a college education now compared to students of similar economic backgrounds in the 1980s, said Alexander Monge-Naranjo, assistant professor of economics, Penn State.
"The consensus was that in the 1980s, credit constraints didn't seem to matter for those who went to college," said Monge-Naranjo. "But according to the latest data, we see family income and parental wealth are making a big difference in who is attending college."

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This is all the more reason

This is all the more reason for kids to get the support they need in their elementary years, middle school years and high school years to fend off any future scholastic woes.  Attack the problem of ineffiicient public school education first then move on to universities, state colleges and community colleges.  If we keep cranking out kids who aren't fully prepared to college with bad grades, no grants and scholarships that most college freshmen laugh at, then we'll continue to see federal funding strained to the point where they will completely ditch it altogether leaving generations taking matters into their own hands to pay for their degrees through means that include robbery, car theft or who knows what else? 


Let's keep it up, America; just keep up the bullshit a bit longer and see what happens...