Which one is Extortion?

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Which one is Extortion?

God:  Take my son Jesus as  your savior and you will live forever in eternity and rule with me.


Mafia Don:  Take this offer you can't refuse and you will be well taken care of, nobody will mess with you, and you will have plenty of money.


God:  Reject my son and go to Hell.


Mafia Don:  Refuse my offer and you will end up in the bottom of the river wearing concrete shoes.


Which one is extortion?

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Extort: to obtain from

Extort: to obtain from another by coercion or intimidation.

They both are.

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All holy books are gang

All holy books are gang manuals. They use threats and bribes and make false promises of utopias that dont exist to get people to follow.

Now, before believers go falsely claiming hate. There is a REASON we say this as painful as it may be to read or as blasphemous as it may sound.

These myths were created in an age of ignorance during time that dictators ruled and they assigned their good fortune to invisible friends in the sky.

The word "lord" is an example of old world tribalism. It makes no sense to me to day to value dictators, no matter how some want to sugar coat this dictator as being kind. Even the Queen of England is technically a dictator. But even she is wise enough to know that if she tried to take the country back to the days when England's rulers were tyrants, she would get lynched. She now accepts that she is nothing but tourist attraction and a figure head.

The same cannot be said of the "all powerful" god claim.

It can do what it wants. It does not have to consider your wishes or objections. You cannot vote him out of office. You cannot vote to change his laws. You cannot leave him without fear of punishment, even if it is simply a matter of "I don't feel like hanging out with you".

In modern reality, this morality conflicts with our secular concepts of how government is run. The god character will only protect you if you kiss his ass. Our Constitutional concepts on the other hand, demands that our government protect dissent, and disagreement.

The god of Abraham is a dictator, a mafia boss. There is no way to call such a character kind simply because he offers cookies to his fans. It still comes at the cost of treating dissent like garbage.

The bible, Koran and even Jewish texts, are club manuals, that create the divisions of our species. It teaches the fans that they, and they alone are special and are entitled to everything at the expense of all others.

In western cultures, while our government's SHOULD protect freedom of religion, these myths have to be watered down in order to maintain civility. The atheists here, including me, simply want to ween people off these horrible myths by showing them with a mirror what they actually advocate without realizing it.

We wont barbecue your kittens. We wont outlaw religion. We are simply saying that those myths do not reflect modern pluralism and should not be our modern basis to find common ground and common law.


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